Are you OVER shouting at your kids, snapping at your husband and not showing up consistently in your business because of inconsistent and low energy?  

Do you start the day with energy and by mid-day are exhausted?  

Or do you wake up more tired than when you went to sleep last night?  

Does #momming feel more like bootcamp than yoga right now?  

Does your best energy go to building your business with little left for much else?  

Do you crave more sleep but late nights working keep you buzzing rather than in bed?

If you answered yes to any of these questions and are ready to step into your next-level energy, I hear you mama….  

When I became a mom 9 years ago, I was up #momming most nights and ripped out of my slumber so many times that I literally had a daily 3-hour napathon just to get through the day. 

I was living a holistic healthy lifestyle but when my relationship to sleep started to crack open, I very quickly understood that the power of sleep would be the secret key to unlocking that energy I was severely lacking. 

"You look so tired... you really should go home and rest."

Receiving comments about how tired I looked became my norm, until one day as I was leaving a summer BBQ with my family, when a mum remarked “You look so tired…You really should go home and rest.” In the heat of the moment, I knew that THAT was the LAST TIME another mom would tell me that I looked tired and that I should rest! 

The next day I woke up, looked at myself in the mirror and asked “If you don’t want to be tired in your life, then what DO you want to be?” I stood there for a few minutes and listened closely...  

“Glow, I want to GLOW!”  

That intention reverberated, repeated and resonated so profoundly within my entire being that I knew I had found my purpose in my life.  

Only 4 months later, I had rebooted my glowing energy. I was able to call in our second baby who I delivered just a few days before I received my health coaching certificate.  

Now as a mom and holistic health coach helping mompreneurs source their next-level energy, I have my most clear, calm and clean energy to show up every day as the mom, boss and wife that I truly want to be.

Now I only work 4-5 hours each day because I am 4 times more productive than when I worked all day and into the night and I show up online with daily lives, stories, weekly trainings and offline for my private clients and events.

Now I spend 4 times as many hours with my kids allowing me to be that present, playful and patient mom that they deserve which makes me a better boss because I have time for the two things that mean the most to me. Momming and bossing.  

Now I get at least 8 hours of sleep most nights (after years of fragmented and restless sleep) and I wake up restored and glowing (except for the occasional sleep transition on the part of my 2-year old) so that I can uplevel my life and business each and every day.  

Sleep has enhanced my confidence, self-esteem and resilience in magical ways!

I am able to show up and stand out in my business in ways that I would never have imagined in my fearful, highly sensitive and anxious sleep- deprived days! I go live and create stories on social media with ease, confidence and dedication to my message to help other mompreneurs how to glow from the inside out (and the outside in).  

My restored glow has also allowed me to show up more alive and real in my marriage and my husband has also jumped on the glowing sleep train.

Now, in our house going to sleep early means a lot of JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out) and very little FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

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"Sleep is the new food and it’s my number one source of nutrition."  

 -Alexandra Chaffanjon Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

I treat my sleep as a sacred form of nourishment. I have developed a system (including mindset work, rituals and techniques) to make sure my clients and I experience our best sleep every single night. My family eats a high-veggie diet with lots of protein and healthy fats and carbs in a way that fits each of us and our own health and energy goals. The whole process from shopping to veggie and meal prep harness our energy for home, school, work and business. To boost our nutrition, the how and when of what we eat is just as important if not more so in releasing and sourcing our best energy. I am more present, playful and connected with my children than ever before and feeling completely awake makes it so easy to cultivate this presence. I relate to my husband with so much more love and passion, which is amazing for our glow as a couple. I didn't get here overnight but over six years where I was surviving more than I was thriving. This is how I developed my signature system of energy transformation for mompreneurs who want to glow again. My clients have experienced profound transformations for themselves in just a few sessions. I bring you the techniques and tools that work and will allow you to access your next-level energy.

Here's some love from my clients:

“Alex is a fantastic coach. She is very kind and supportive and has implementable solutions. I can only recommend her! She's changed my view on sleep and nutrition”  

-Isabelle John, Baby Planner at Les Petits Pois and Mom of 2  

"What Alex’s coaching brought to my life that I did not have before was a place of reflection, understanding my sleep pattern and having a constant flow of energy. My top 3 breakthroughs were knowing what I wanted to do with my business from my heart, where to start with action and finding the sleep my body needed without under or over sleeping naturally.”  

-Gursharn, Holistic Health Coach and Mom of 1  

"Alex is a caring, thoughtful, encouraging and motivating coach. The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program with Alex has been enjoying choosing my food when I go shopping. The most significant overall change I have noticed has been finding that childhood joy again in moving my body and playing sports, especially with my children." -Marion  

"Through our sessions Alex helped me soothe my stress-related IBS, my anxiety and last but not least, sleep as I had issues falling asleep. After my meetings with Alex I always saw the following days with more clarity and as the sessions went on those few days turned into weeks. I feel I am now a more energetic, confident person who understands my mind and body a lot more."  

-Sophie, Corporate Professional  

 “If you ever thought you wouldn't be able to get your health goals in gear, like sleep, nutrition and your mindset around health because you are too busy with children, work and/or business...then think again! Alex is truly a gifted and knowledgeable health coach that guides you on your dream journey to health with you barely noticing that some dramatic changes are happening and before you know it you have got your health goals under your belt with a smile on your face and feeling ten times better. Alex helped me with mindset, extensive meal planning and education on prepping and planning foods for myself and four children, which has been nothing short of amazing. I never thought I would be able to get my children into eating veggies for lunch and before dinner; we eat three or four times the amount we did before and the kids love it. The way we eat has totally transformed for the better. I can't thank Alex enough because I haven't looked back and I'm finally where I wanted to be for years and still enjoying improving everyday. Thank you Alex you are a major sleep and nutrition guru. If you need help or support, just contact her and make the step, you won't regret it.”  

-Ri Justin, Founder of Mums Ri-wired, and Mom of 4

"I worked with Alexandra over the course of 2 months to help me get on track with my self-care and sleeping patterns and I am so pleased with the results and the genuine coaching style Alex uses.  

As a busy Mum of 2 running a business, it was such a pleasure to be able to talk to someone who gets what I'm going through. Alex's thorough and meaningful advice, her ability to ask the right questions, probe and really listen meant we fit a lot into each session. Yet I always felt like I was able to take away actionable and most importantly manageable things to try.  

My self-care and the time I devote to this has greatly improved since working with Alex and the tweaks we worked on to my sleep patterns have given me more focus and energy to give to my family and my business.  

I would highly recommend working with Alex if you are struggling to balance you time, family time and work time. Her tools, tips and advice are highly effective and can make a big difference to your life. They certainly have for me."

-Sonja Balzarolo, Owner - Blossoming Spirit Business Consultancy  

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The Glowing Health Coach_Glow Table_NEW-02.png

The results you can expect from my signature system that is structured around the 4 key phases in your day and night include: 

RESTORE your entire being (soul, mind, body and heart) with glowing sleep, so that you wake up refreshed, restored and ready to powerfully move the needle in your business, to show up online with confidence and consistency and want to show off your glowing complexion and grow your audience, ✶ EMPOWER yourself with energy mindset and management techniques structured around the 4 key phases of the day and night so that you know how to maintain consistent energy all day long and experience a restorative night of sleep every night, ✶ SOURCE your most vibrant body and mind with easy and delicious nutritious food, that you have on-hand for every meal and snack, so that you have more balanced energy throughout the day and you and your family are eating for your optimal energy and performance at home, at work and at school, ✶ HARNESS your most expansive self by cultivating a playful mindset so that you can handle the massive mindset shifts and learning curve that most mompreneurs face when starting a business with grace, flow and play, and ✶ UNLOCK the inner glow and energy you were born with and let it be the foundation for the life, family and business you are building so that you don’t have to choose between family or business, you can let go of #momguilt because you show up as your best self every day and you have sustained energy in your business so that you don’t burn out.  


"Food and play are the nutrition of our days. Sleep is the nutrition of our nights." 

-Alexandra Chaffanjon Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

It is your birthright to access your most powerful energy. It is my mission to assist you in reconnecting to this energy so that you can live your most glowing life.


You are the playful, present, patient mom you dream of being everyday, not just once in a blue moon. 

You wake up glowing everyday and have the tools to glow all day long, instead of just on vacation. 

You have restored your most potent energy and glow and know exactly what to do to reset when you have energy highs and lows. 

Your mental, emotional and physical energies are balanced and you are so resilient that you can always rebalance your energy using the three pillars of sleep, food and play. 

Your self-care is #nextlevel and you sleep, eat and play as easily as your glowing kids and your husband notices too because being with him feels like when you first fell in love all over again.

Your days are filled with self-care (sleep, food and play) for yourself and your family and you take care of yourself as well, if not better, than you take care of them. 

Your days are lived intentionally with all the experiences you dream of, like connection you crave with your kids, work that feels like play and a level of vitality and radiance you thought could never happen for you. All of your delicious and healthy meals are ready in the fridge and so easy to put together and the relief of knowing you are nourishing yourself and your family with optimal ingredients is priceless. You sleep glowing every single night and wake up glowing every single morning and that feeling of being satiated with sleep is like being on vacation EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. 

My signature VIP private coaching package was created to bring you on a journey to transform your energy through healing how you sleep, eat and play. 

Are you ready to start being that #momboss that you dream of for your family, your business and your future?

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(PS Please take the time to apply if you are really ready to do what it takes to unlock your abundant energy…)

If you are still on the fence, think about this….

↠ Where will you be in one or two years if you keep putting off the crucial work of growing your core glow and experiencing #momming, life and business in your optimal flow? 

↠ When will you feel that deep presence, patience and playfulness with your children? 

↠ How many opportunities and clients will you lose if you are not operating daily in your optimal energy? 

↠ If you are not already embodying your glow, what will your marriage look like down the road and how will you fit it in on this crazy journey of #momming and running a business?

The Glowing Health Coach Pricing.png

That Mompreneur Glow Coaching Package is for YOU if : 

✔ Dream of meal prep and self-care happening on a daily basis to feel less tired, irritated and chaotic? 

✔ Want to be able to stay calm and awake in the late afternoon and evening for the kids’ bedtime and beyond instead of ragged from chaotic dinner prep and melt-down after melt-down? 

✔ Long for more energy to connect with your husband? 

✔ Crave more consistant energy to show up in your business every day? 

✔ Are over thinking you are a bad sleeper and have crossed off sleep from your toolkit? 

✔ Are done struggling to stay present and awake all day, 

✔ Want your full energy to start or grow your passion-led business, 

✔ Want to feel healthier and happier and glow younger everyday,

This program is not for you if you : 

✘ are NOT committed to being the best you can be as a mom, boss and wife 

✘ are NOT interested in taking the time to meal prep and really make sleep a priority 

✘ are NOT ready to stop treating your business as a hobby and don’t mind leaving money on the table 

✘ are not interested in living a healthy lifestyle because you think it’s too expensive, too time-consuming and you are just too busy 

✘ are okay telling yourself that “you’re doing your best with your kids and that’s good enough” even though your daily exhaustion keeps you from being present with your kids and leaves you irritable and distracted with them and you know they and you deserve better.

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